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Healthy After 40: Women's Maintenance

  • Women’s Maintenance

    It's never too late to get healthy. It's important to make sure you're getting a good night's sleep, eat right, so that means lots of fruits vegetables and lots of water.

    It's important to exercise. We recommend 30 minutes, five days a week and that's a combination of both resistive and cardiovascular exercise so whether it be treadmill or elliptical as well as some weights.

    How do I stick with my exercise routine?

    The important thing is to make it a priority.

    Many people find that waking up before work and going to the gym with a friend, before work, is very helpful. The other thing is finding an exercise that you tolerate.

    Doing something that you hate it's going to be really hard to motivate yourself to get into class or get into the gym.

    If you can't stand lifting then do the treadmill or exercise class in the water, water aerobics, so doing something that you enjoy is also helpful.

    Does family history affect a woman’s health?

    Family history is really important in health as many diseases do run in families.

    Knowing that you have obesity in the family or high blood pressure or diabetes can help you change your health habits to help avoid getting some of those diseases as well as help detect them earlier rather than catch them later when they've already done some the long-term damage to the vessels and heart.

    How do I manage stress?

    You need to eat well, sleep, and exercise. A lot of times if we exercise that releases natural endorphins that help us manage the stress and a lot of times people notice that once they start exercising the life stressors, daily work, just kind of rolls off their back and they're are able to handle a lot more and efficiently, and without getting too upset.

    What is the goal for Healthy After 40?

    Our goal, for healthy after forty, is really to motivate people to get healthy and to recognize wellness in their life.

    There are small steps that everyone can do, every day, to feel better and to increase the quality of their life. So many of the services that promote wellness are kind of available at one stop shopping at Boys Town Internal Medicine.

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