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Healthy After 40: Lifestyle

  • Healthy Lifestyle

    We get one chance in life. If you don't take care of the body, you don't get another try.

    Diet and exercise and nutrition are very important for a lot of reasons.

    The big causes of death in our country and they're heart disease, stroke and cancers.

    There are things we can eat and there are things we can do to lower risk of those things.

    How does a healthy lifestyle affect your mental health?

    Staying fit and getting a good night’s sleep and eating healthy, it's just a natural way to stay mentally fit.

    How do I get motivated and stay motivated?

    Identify what motivates you. What are your goals in life and I'm talking goals other than making a lot of money or owning the biggest house, I'm talking about having good health so you can enjoy watching your kids grow up or watching your grandkids grow up.

    So figure out what motivates you.

    Don't do the same thing day after day after day but find new ways to exercise, new cardiovascular exercise, new resistance exercises to build muscle, do different machines, go to different classes at the gym. When you start to see inches come off or numbers improve or I just feel better or my clothes are fitting better, that's what motivates people to keep going.

    I’m too old to start, right?

    It's very important to understand that even at 45, 50, 60, or 70 years old, it's still very important to engage in these activities.

    Sometimes the emphasis changes, in fact, most the time it does change so it's never too late to start. The key is to get started and keep doing it long term.

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