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Executive Function & Theory of Mind

Mary Pat Moeller Ph.D., Director, Center for Childhood Deafness

The purpose of this study group will be to explore and clarify the relations between executive function and theory of mind development. Study group participants will read and discuss a chapter on this topic, written by Louis J. Moses and Deniz Tahiroglu (2010). The role that language contributes to both Executive Function and Theory of Mind will be discussed. Throughout the study group, key concepts will be clarified and implications for clinical/educational settings will be considered.

Executive function skills involve the development of “top-down” control of one’s thoughts, actions and emotions (Zelazo, 2012). These skills influence children’s ability to regulate their behaviors and attention for learning, which are relevant for academics and socialization. Around the same time executive function skills are maturing, children also make steps in understanding the perspectives of others and reasoning in relation to thoughts and emotions (theory of mind).

Study Groups consist of three 2-hours courses (6 hours total); however additional hours may be added to tailor the study group to the specific needs of the organization.

Distance Study Group Fees

Distance Study Group: $2,400 per Agency/State/Group
Also available via web stream for individual purchase: $200

Web Stream Technical Requirements

Web streaming is available for both Macs and PCs. The computer must have Active-X Software plug-in downloaded before viewing.

Video Conference Technical Requirements

Agencies will be provided with the IP address for the seminar. Each site must participate in a coordinated video bridging test call before each scheduled live broadcast or they may not be able to participate on the day of the broadcast.

For more information or to purchase this series for your agency or school district, please contact Teresa McEvoy at (531) 355-5000 or