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Gift and Estate Planning

​​​Boys Town National Research Hospital has long been the beneficiary of generous friends who have seen the good work being done here and deemed it to be worthy of their philanthropy. The lives of thousands of children have been made better through the kindness of caring people who have shared their monetary resources. Our Estate and Gift Planning Program offers an opportunity for you to save some of your assets or to have some of them returned to you as you share them to help our youth.

Everyone should have an estate plan, protecting his or her hard-earned assets and ensuring that they eventually reach loved ones and people in need. Unless the government falls into those categories, every effort should be made to keep these assets away from the taxman. If you don't have an estate plan, the government will make one for you. In the process, they will take the maximum amount in taxes and distribute the remainder of your estate to those prescribed by law.

Boys Town National Research Hospital would like to become part of your estate plan. When you partner with us, only good things can happen. You will provide generous support for life – the life of every child who comes to us for help. And you will protect your assets in many ways and help to ensure a secure future for yourself and your heirs. Read about Estate Planning and Planned Giving to learn more about how you can help Boys Town National Research Hospital through a planned gift.

The future is a challenge to all of us, but by melding the future of Boys Town National Research Hospital with yours and that of your heirs, everyone benefits.

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