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Making the Decision - Cochlear Implants for Children


​​​Boys Town National Research Hospital is known nationwide for serving children with hearing loss and other communication disorders. Our professional staff has extensive training and experience in providing services to babies, toddlers and young children.

When a child is identified as deaf or hard of hearing, the family must decide how to address the child’s fundamental communication needs. Options include:

  • Oral/Aural Communication (speaking and listening)
  • Manually coded English (MCE, English-based sign language)
  • Simultaneous Communication (combination of sign and spoken/auditory communication)
  • American Sign Language (ASL)

For many children with severe or profound hearing loss, hearing aids may not provide adequate benefit even after extensive usage and listening development sessions. When the goal is development of listening and spoken language skills, a cochlear implant for one or both ears may enhance the child’s ability to hear sound and provide more benefit than hearing aids.​

Each child presents with a unique background and circumstances that can impact the child’s potential to benefit from a cochlear implant, such as his/her duration and cause of deafness, length of hearing aid use or other amplification, family and educational support, and whether the child already has some system of communication in place.

Families are welcome to contact us for more cochlear implant information for kids.

Kids Cochlear Implant Stories

​Emersyn is one of many children who have had success with a cochlear implant as a child. She was diagnosed with profound hearing loss as a baby, but her language and speech thrived after help from Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Watch more videos about hearing and cochlear implants for babies and toddlers.



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