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Pediatric Speech-Language Therapy

​​​​Speech-language therapy is the treatment for toddlers and children with speech and/or language disorders. Speech therapy improves skills that allow children to communicate more effectively, such as:

  • Improving your child's ability to understand and express thoughts, ideas and feeling
  • Improving speech skills so your child is understood by others
  • Improving your child's ability to follow directions and understand what others say
  • Supporting skill development for success in reading, language arts, and other academic subjects

Our speech and language therapists work with children & families to address a range of communication concerns, from speech delays to developmental and communication disorders, including autism, hearing loss, apraxia​ and cleft lip and palate. 

Communication Evaluations

The first step is to have your child complete a communication evaluation with one of our nationally-certified speech-language pathologists. The communication evaluation will determine if your child has a communication delay or disorder that necessitates intervention, and an individualized therapy plan will be created. Individualized communication goals may focus on:
  • Answering questions
  • Following directions
  • Building language
  • Increasing length of spoken utterances
  • Using correct verb tense and appropriate sentence structure
  • Improving conversational turn-taking
  • Improving articulation
  • Improving listening skills, as well as supporting reading and written language development.
Communication evaluations and therapy for children speaking Spanish are also available.

Schedule an Evaluation with a Speech Therapist

To schedule your child for an evaluation with a pediatric speech pathologist, please call (531) 355-5059. Appointments are available between 8am-5pm Monday through Friday.

Our pediatric speech-language pathologists work closely with families to ensure children achieve performance expectations.

How Do I Pay for My Child's Therapy?

Children may enroll in therapy sessions based on insurance coverage and availability. Self-pay evaluation and therapy services (without insurance coverage) are also available. Additionally, the Small Steps in ​Speech grant is also available to provide financial assistance for families with children 3-22 years and a certain income criteria.

Therapy Services for Children who are Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing

Evaluations and therapy services focusing on the development of communication skills for children who are deaf or hard of hearing are located at our Downtown Medical Campus. Hospital speech pathologists specialize in the development of skills along the auditory-visual continuum and are able to serve individuals who want to develop their listening and spoken language skills as well individuals who need support developing their visual communications skills, such as sign language. Appointments for services specially designed to meet the needs of individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing can be made by calling (531) 355-5059.​

Spanish Speech Therapy

Communication evaluations and therapy services are also available for children and families who speak ​Spanish. Spanish speech therapy services are located at the Downtown Medical Campus. Please call (531) 355-5114 to talk to a Spanish-speaking speech pathologist.​


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