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Coping with Coronavirus

​​​​Coronavirus (COVID-19) has a lot​ of children and families feeling uncertain. There are many digital resources available to help parents and families during this crisis. Boys Town Hospital​ is here to help you sort through it all.

Digital Resources for Parents

Free Learning and Activity Resources

There are many free online resources. Check your local libraries, school districts and other community organizations for opportunities to connect while at home!

Tips for Successful Home Learning

  • Keep a Schedule - It is important to create a consistent and predictable environment for children at home.
  • Have a Morning Meeting - Take a few minutes with your child in the morning to ask questions about their day.
  • Have Positive and Negative Consequences - A consequence is the outcome of behavior, which influences whether or not that behavior is likely to occur again in the future. An example might be, if a child follows instructions and completes their daily schedule without arguing, they get to stay up for an extra hour at night. If they did not follow instructions, they go to bed on time. Each consequence is earned.
  • Establish a Study Place - Having one space in the house where your child has their school items and studies will help them compartmentalize.

Resources for Maintaining Your Mental Health

Recognizing and experiencing both negative and positive feelings is healthy. Understanding that feelings can impact your thoughts and behaviors will guide you to react in more constructive and effective ways.

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