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Multidisciplinary Team Evaluation


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​​Boys Town National Research Hospital’s Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team serves children with hearing loss by providing comprehensive evaluations. These extensive assessments are designed to address hearing, health, communication, academic, psychological and behavioral concerns. The evaluation process is dynamic in nature as the student’s family, school team and the Hospital’s assessment experts work together to share perspectives, identify assessment goals and collaborate to obtain the best developmental outcomes for students with hearing loss.

Your Child is Unique. We Create a Treatment Approach Just for Your Family

Comprehensive evaluations are conducted by a team of professionals who have extensive experience working with children with speech-language disorders and children who are deaf or hard of hearing. Team specialists are familiar with children who use a variety of communication approaches. Because each case is unique, the team makeup is different for every student and is tailored to address individual needs. Comprehensive team dialogue and integration of test results is conducted throughout the process. The goal of the multidisciplinary process is to provide the family and school system with developmental recommendations that address the child’s learning style, strengths and challenges. The referral process consists of a few simple steps:​

Referral: ​The family, school or outside agency refers the child to Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Record Collection: The team coordinator collects all relevant records from the family, medical staff and education system.

  • ​Using the case summary and referral questions, the team works with the school system to determine the components of the assessment. Students are scheduled for three to four days of assessment. Evaluations may include: audiological testing, speech-language assessment, academic testing, counseling and psychological assessment. Immediately following the assessments, the team meets to discuss the results obtained from the various specialty disciplines.

Scheduling: A family conference is scheduled. Evaluation results and recommendations are provided to the family and school district for consideration. School district representatives are welcome to attend the onsite conference or participate via distance technology.

  • The evaluation cost depends on the type of assessments needed. Cost estimates are available prior to the scheduling of an evaluation.





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