Current Studies


​​Sequential Pattern Processing Study

We are seek​ing young adults to participate in res​earch to better understand how people learn language.

You may qualify if:

  • You are 19–29 years old
  • You have normal hearing
  • You have vision that is normal or is corrected to normal with glasses or contacts
  • You are a native speaker of English
  • You have no neurological disorders or neurological damage
  • You have no diagnosed sensory, learning or language impairments

Participation will include a short demographic questionnaire and computerized learning task. The study takes 1 hour to complete and takes place in Omaha at Boys Town National Research Hospital - East Campus.

Volunteers will be compensated at a rate of $15.00/hour for their time.

To be contacted for this study, please provid​e the following:

Fill out the form below and a member of our research team will contact you.