​Our lab is interested in understanding how babies, toddlers, and young children learn about the world around them and make decisions via what they look at and how their brain processes that information. We currently have two studies we are recruiting for.

For the first study, we are looking for children ages 2 to 4 years old to play games with a researcher where they will be asked to make choices about object​s they are seeing on a computer screen or table in front of them. The children ​will wear an fNIRS cap, which is a safe, noninvasive tool to gather information about brain activity.

In a second study we are recruiting children ages 6 to 8 years old to also wear an fNIRS cap and play similar games. In this study we are exploring the early stages of different developmental delays such as ADHD. We are also recruiting children with ADHD and other developmental concerns for this study.


  • Parents receive $25 per session
  • Children receive a toy, a certificate, a snack and juice

Time Commitment

  • Young children (ages 2 to 4), 1 visit, 1 hr
  • Older children (ages 6 to 8), 3 visits, 1.5 hr

Sign Up to Participate

To contact our lab to sign up, please call (531) 355–5093.