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​​The Center for Neurobehavioral Research is now seeking participants for current research studies. Participation is fun, and includes behavioral observation, brain imaging, and psychological interviews. Studies take place at Boys Town National Research Hospital at 139th and Pacific Streets. Participants are compensated for their time.

Your child may qualify if:

  • Your child is between 2 - 18 years old
  • Is medically healthy
  • Does not have a history of current or past psychiatric illness


  • Has emotional problems (anxious, depressed, withdrawn)
  • Has behavioral problems (disruptiveness, anger, aggression)
  • Has been exposed to a traumatic event, such as an accident, exposure to violence or the sudden loss of a loved one AND has experienced changes in behavior following the ​traumatic event, including problems with attention, trouble sleeping, avoiding things that remind them of the traumatic event, or being very worried about personal safety
  • Has a developmental delay (e.g., ADHD)

Please note that your health and safety is our top priority. Boys Town National Research Hospital has suspended in-person research studies until the current COVID-19 health crisis has resolved. You are welcome to enroll in our database at this time so that your information will be available to researchers when research studies resume. Thank you for your generosity w​ith your time.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Research Participation

What is involved in the study?

We may invite youth to participate in simple computer games that measure behavior. We may also invite youth to have a brain scan to measure brain activity while youth ​play simple computer games.

Will I benefit?

Other than being paid for your time, you will not have any direct benefits from participating in research.

Youth receive a mental health screening from a Boys Town clinician. We can refer youth to mental health services if needed. If youth complete a brain scan, a doctor will look at the scan and we will let you know if anything of medical concern is found.

Are there any risks?

All of our studies are low-risk.  This means that the risks are no greater than risks from everyday activities like going to school or the doctor's office.

The MRI brain scan uses magnets, not x-rays or radiation, meaning it is very safe.

How much time does research take?

Youth may be invited to Boys Town National Research Hospital several times to complete a study. A parent or legal guardian needs to come each time (parents get paid for each visit).

  • Visits vary in length, but are usually one to three hours long.
  • We try to schedule visits at times that are most convenient for you.
  • Each visit is voluntary – anyone can stop participating in research at any time.  You never have to do anything you do not want to do.