All participants and a parent/legal guardian will review consent forms with a research lab member so they understand the procedures of the study, including any risks and benefits, before participating in a study. Participation in research is always voluntary. We're looking for physically healthy youth aged 10-18. Youth may or may not have behavioral or mental health problems, as long as they are not experiencing psychotic symptoms.

The following may be included in participation:

  • A brief psychiatric assessment with a licensed child and adolescent psychiatrist
  • Questionnaires about emotional and behavioral functioning and exposure to traumatic events
  • Computer-based tasks designed to assess cognitive functioning
  • Functional MRI scans
  • Giving saliva samples for hormone measurement
  • An assessment of hearing aid function (if hearing aids are worn)

All participants are compensated for their time at a rate of $50/MRI scan session and $15/hour for all other types of visit.

The DCN Lab is supported by the National Institute of Mental Health (K01-MH110643) and Boys Town National Research Hospital.