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Neurobehavioral Research


3T MRI machine

Neurobehavioral Research in Children

The Center for Neurobehavioral Research aims to improve assessments and interventions for children and adolescents with behavioral and mental health problems. Our research focuses on understanding how disrupted brain functioning can give rise to emotional and behavioral disorders. Our ultimate goal is to provide new tools for assessment and help in the design of treatments.

The Neurobehavioral Research Center is a collaboration between Boys Town National Research Hospital and Boys Town Youth Care Services to study and improve methods for intervening early in the lives of children with behavioral and mental health problems.

Boys Town's long history of providing effective treatment for children with a wide range of disorders and Boys Town National Research Hospital's successful history of research over the past 40 years, position the Center to become a state-of-the-art collaborative research effort that will offer evidence-b​​ased solutions for treatment to the larger mental health community.

The Need for Research

​​​​​Childhood behavioral and mental health problems, if left untreated, have profound implications for the individual as well as society. They confer considerable economic and personal costs.

However, there is hope.

The neurosciences have advanced our understanding of the pathology associated with behavioral and mental health problems in youth.

Our goal is to use and advance this knowledge to provide new, objective tools for assessment and help in the design of treatments.



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