Participate in Infant Hearing Research


​​​ Language growth and school performanc​e for children with hearing loss are improving, thanks to new information from research. However, we need to learn more about infant hearing and communication.

We need your help with research!

Our researchers are looking for infants (6-13 months) with normal hearing or hearing loss to take part in their studies. Studies at Boys Town National Research Hospital help clinicians and scientists understand the impact of hearing loss and other communication disorders on language development in babies and children.

What will my child do during the study?

The studies are non-invasive and fun! Babies simply listen and react to sounds. For example, in one study the baby sits on a parent's lap and is taught to react to a sound by looking at a toy that lights up when they hear the sound. Families are compensated $15 per hour for their time.

Sign Up to Participate​

Please fill out the form below if you would like to learn more about participation, or sign up. You may also contact us by phone at (531) 355-6625, or by email at