Hearing Health and Physiology Laboratory


​The Hearing Health and Physiology Laboratory studies why people complain of having hearing loss or difficulty hearing, especially conversations in noisy environments. We aim to understand pathologies and diseases of the auditory system and develop new clinical tools to diagnose these pathologies so that better treatment can be provided for people suffering from hearing loss.

We collaborate with the Audiology Signal Processing Laboratory and Communications Engineering Laboratory and depend on the Center for Perception and Communication in Children for support in conducting our experiments.

Our current study is trying to help people who feel they have difficulties hearing in noisy environments but may have “normal hearing" or mild hearing loss when diagnosed with standard hearing tests at the doctor's office or audiology clinic.

Participate in Our Research Studies

If you are interested in participating in our studies, please sign up here to join our list of research volunteers or contact Dr. Aryn Kamerer or a member of the research team at AudSigProcessing@boystown.org.