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​​​​​​​Noise Exposure and Hearing Problems Study

We are seeking adults who have spent time in loud noise environments to participate in a ​research study to help us develop tests to identify hearing loss caused by loud noise exposure​. Research has shown that loud noise exposure can damage parts of the ear that respond to moderate and loud level sounds. This damage may cause problems with understanding speech in a background noise, such as in restaurants or at parties. The purpose of this research is to find ways to identify people who have hearing loss caused by loud noise exposure an​d eventually develop strategies for helping those people hear better in background noise.​

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You can participate in this study if you are an English-speak​ing adult who has normal hearing or hearing loss and you have been exposed to gunfire, explosions or high impact noise or have difficulty understanding speech when there is other noise present.​

Participants will be compensated for their time.​

To learn more about this study, visit​. You may contact our lab by email ( or phone (531) 355-6373​.

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