Current Studies


Complex Listening Study

Speech perception in children who are hard of hearing is complex and is influenced by a wide range of factors. Our research is based on a theoretical framework of cumulative auditory exposure, where early amplification, consistency of hearing aid use and language exposure provide the basis for auditory development in children and are proposed to influence the linguistic and cognitive skills that support listening and learning at school-age. We are examining these factors, in collaboration with the University of Iowa, using a combination of longitudinal and cross-sectional research studies that could lead to improved amplification or habilitation strategies that could maximize auditory development in children. Learn more about this study.

Moeller and Tomblin Graphic


  • Cognitive effort, or fatigue, is currently measured subjectively with questionnaires or objectively with saliva samples to measure cortisol levels. Pupillometry is potentially a non-invasive, quick method that will allow us to measure listening effort in background noise or reverberation without using more invasive objec​tive measures.