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Investigators & Laboratories


Sophie Ambrose, Ph.D., Communication Development

Work in this lab focuses on developing and testing parent-implemented interventions that increase access to linguistic input for toddlers who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Angela AuBuchon, Ph.D., Working Memory and Language

This lab studies the development of short-term/working memory and characterizes the relationship between memory impairments and atypical language development, especially for children with Delayed Language Development and children with hearing loss.

Adam Bosen, Ph.D., Auditory Perceptual Encoding

Research focuses on quantifying the aspects of perception, cognition, and linguistic knowledge that limit speech recognition in listeners with cochlear implants.

Monita Chatterjee, Ph.D., Perception of Complex Stimuli & Cochlear Implants

Work in this laboratory focuses on understanding the factors that influence the perception of complex sounds, including speech, by patients with cochlear implants.

Kristen Janky, Ph.D., Vestibular Assessment and Balance Disorders

The work in this laboratory is concerned with the study of vestibular disorders, including their diagnosis and treatment.

Kaylah Lalonde, Ph.D., Audiovisual Speech Processing 

Research in this lab focuses on development of the perceptual and linguistic mechanisms by which adults and children use visual speech to compensate for noisy listening environments.

Dawna E. Lewis, Ph.D., Understanding Speech in Complex Environments

Research evaluates the influence of dynamic features of complex multi-source environments that impact speech understanding in children and adults with hearing loss.

Ryan McCreery, Ph.D., Perceptual and Cognitive Development in Children with Hearing Loss

This research program is concerned with enhancing speech and language outcomes in children with hearing loss by improving audibility based predictions of speech recognition.

Stephen T. Neely, D.Sc., Communication Engineering

Research is concerned with understanding the mechanisms by which the inner ear processes sound, using empirical studies and modeling work to gain better insights into cochlear function.

Heather Porter, Au.D., Ph.D., Human Auditory Development

This research lab studies the development of auditory behavior in children with normal hearing and children with hearing loss, with a focus on understanding how infants and children hear and process target sounds in the presence of competing background sounds.

Daniel Rasetshwane, Ph.D., Auditory Signal Processing

Research focuses on (1) understanding suprathreshold hearing deficits in individuals with normal hearing and with hearing loss, and (2) development of advanced signal-processing strategies for hearing aids.