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Dominic Cosgrove, Ph.D.

​​​​​​Position Title:

Director, Center for Sensory Neuroscience
Director, Gene Expression Laboratory


Sensory Neuroscience Research Center
​​Boys Town National Research Ho​​spi​tal
555 N. 30th St., Omaha, NE 68131


Office: (402) 498-6334
Lab: (402) 498-6347
Fax: (402) 498-6331​​

Dominic Cosgrove Curriculum Vitae


​University of Nebraska-LincolnB.S.1984
University of Nebraska Medical Center - OmahaPh.D.1989Gene regulation and cancer
Faculte de Medecine Strasbourg FrancePost-Doc1989 - 1991Molecular Immunology​


Dominic Cosgrove; Research Nebraska

Recent Publications:

Cosgrove, D., and Liu, S. (2016) Collagen IV Diseases: A Focus on the Glomerular Basement Membrane in Alport Syndrome. Matrix Biology, invited review, in press.

Daniel T. Meehan,D.T., Delimont,D., Dufek, B., Zallocchi, M., Phillips, G., Gratton, M. and Cosgrove, D., (2016) Endothelin-1 Mediated Induction of Extracellular Matrix Genes in Strial Marginal Cells Underlies Strial Capillary Basement Membrane Thickening in Alport Mice. Hearing Research, under revision

Dufek, B., Meehan, D.T., Delimont, D., Cheung, L., Gratton, M.A., Phillips, G., Song, W-P., Liu, S., and Cosgrove, D. (2016) Endothelin A receptor activation on mesangial cells initiates Alport glomerular disease. Kidney Int. Epub ahead of print. PMID:27165837

Delimont, D., Johnson, B.M., Meehan, D.T., Zallocchi, M., Gratton, M.A.,Phillips, G., and Cosgrove, D. (2014) Laminin 211-mediated FAK activation triggers Alport glomerular pathogenesis. PloS One 9(6):e99083

Zallocchi, M., Binley K., Lad Y., Ellis S., Wise S., Bussières M., Widdowson P., Mitrophanous K., Peng Y-W., Wang W-M., Cheung L., Delimont D., Cosgrove D (2014) Subretinal Delivery of EIAV-based Lentiviral Vectors in the Shaker-1 mouse model for Usher SyndromeType 1B : Development of UshStat® PloS One 9(4):e94272.

Tian, M., Wang, W-M, Delimont, D., Cosgrove, D., and Peng, Y-W (2014) Photoreceptors in whirler mice show defective transducin translocation and are susceptible to short-term light/dark changes-induced degeneration. Experimental Eye Research 118:145-153.

Cosgrove, D. and Zallocchi, M. (2014) Usher protein functions in hair cells and photoreceptors. Int. J.Biochem. Cell Biol., 46:80-89

Zallocchi, M., Johnson, B., Meehan, D.T., Delimont, D., Rogers, K.D., Cosgrove, D. (2013) α1β1 integrin/Rac1-dependent mesangial invasion of glomerular capillaries in Alport syndrome. Am. J. Pathol. 183:1269-1280.

​Zallocchi M., Delimont, D., Meehan, D.T., and Cosgrove, D. (2012) Regulated vesicular trafficking of specific PCDH15 and VLGR1 variants in auditory hair cells. J. Neurosci. 32: 13841-13859.

​​Zallocchi M., Meehan DT, Delimont D., Rutledge J., Gratton MA, Flannery J., and Cosgrove D (2012) Usher protein complexes function in hair cell synaptic maturation PLoS One. 7(2):e30573.