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Just for Kids!

​​​​​​​Hi! ​Welcome to the department at Boys Town Hospital that looks at your brain. This page is just for you! It answers some questions about what it’s like talking to a researcher and how we take a picture of your brain. Pretty cool, huh? If you have any questions, just ask!

What are the interviews like?

Our research has to do with how kids feel and how they show their feelings through their actions and words. During your visit, we will ask you and your parent some questions about how you act and feel.

Some things we want to know is how you are feeling now and how your feelings may have changed since you were younger. No one else knows how you feel except for you, so your honest answers are really important to us.

Who will I talk to?

For this study, you will be talking to one of the staff: Kayla, Patrick, Anna or Margo. Kayla is a psychiatrist. She likes riding bikes and reading books. Patrick is a psychologist. He works with kids all over the country and has a family of his own. He likes reading books and coaching baseball. Anna is a researcher. She likes to play soccer and run! Margo is a researcher and she likes to dance and make crafts. All of the interviewers are really nice and will keep your answers private.

What will I do during the interview?

When you come to our office you and your parent will first go over the consent forms. The consent forms just make sure you still want to participate and that your parent is okay with it. They give us permission to ask you questions and use your answers for our research. Then everyone will do a task together. After that, you and your interviewer will just talk.

How long will I be doing the study?

Each time you come into our office for the interview you will be there for about an hour. Throughout the interview, we will have breaks set up for you to use the bathroom or eat a snack. We think you will come in either two or three times. Each time you come in, you will earn $15.00 an hour. If you come in for three hours that’s: 3 x $15.00 = $45.00! Awesome!

What happens with the stuff I tell you?

The stuff you tell us about your feelings and actions help us understand the feelings and actions of other kids your age. So the stuff you tell us helps adults learn more about you. That’s pretty cool that you get to help adults learn! It also helps adults help other kids to feel better. The information you tell us is very important. We want to keep the things you tell us private so we don’t tell your mom or dad or teacher or anyone else what you said in the interview unless we think you might hurt yourself or someone else. At Boys Town Hospital, it is our main job to keep you safe!