Technology Core


​​​​The Technology Core, directed by​ Daniel Rasetshwane, Ph.D.​, offers investigators ​a wide range of software and hardware engineering expertise. The Core’s services span custom lab software tools for experimental control, signal processing, hardware setup a​nd calibration, and data acquisition and analysis.

Also part of the Core is a highly specialized Audio-Visual (AV) laboratory​ for conducting studies in perception and cognition of unimodal and multi-modal signal​​s. This facility includes several cutting-edge technologies such as a virtual reality headset and markerless face-tracking system, all developed to encourage innovative experiments and promote collaboration among investigators.

By centralizing technical expertise and tools, the Technology Core delivers state-of-the-art software and hardware efficiently, at all levels, to the whole research team.


Auditory-Visual (AV) Core Facility

The Auditory-Visual (AV) Core Facility​ is ideal for research on spatial effects of auditory and visual sound sources on children’s speech perception and comprehension, with special emphasis on the listening needs in children with hearing loss. The AV Core Facility includes:

  • AV Booth: a large sound booth with precise experimental control over sound and visual stimuli
  • Control Room: equipped with computers, amplifiers ​and other peripherals with cabling into and out of the booth via two holes in the front wall of the booth (the holes include conductive fill material).
  • Waiting Room for the parents/guardians and other family ​members of children participating as human subjects. This waiting room is used for consent procedures ​with ​the human subject ​and fa​mily, and is used for technical meetings by hospital personnel during other times.
  • Office space for core personnel​

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