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Technology Core Staff

Denis Fitzpatrick, Ph.D.
Senior Research Developer and Coordinator of Research Engineering

Dr. Fitzpatrick is trained as an experimental psychologist and works closely with Boys Town National Research Hospital scientists to develop software for a wide range of lab experiments, including specialized peripherals for auditory, visual, electrophysiological, mechanical, and vestibular testing.

Seth Brashford Seth Bashford
Research Developer

Seth Bashford is trained in electrical engineering with experience developing software for real-time audio. Mr. Bashford assists Boys Town National Research Hospital scientists by developing desktop applications for running experimental tests using audio interfaces and cochlear implant communication hardware.

Christine Hammans Christine Hammans
Quality Assurance Analyst - Technology Core

Christine Hammans works alongside developers and users to review and test new software, suggest design changes and ensure accuracy and usability. Ms. Hammans is also a local ambassador for the Center for Open Science. In this role, she helps provide support for reproducible practices and the use of The Open Science Framework.

Sara Hansen Sara Hansen
Technical Project Manager

Sara Hansen has experience working on large-scale data management projects targeting custom administrative and analytical requirements. Ms. Hansen uses agile development principles and works closely with users to direct a product's front-end UI design and functionality as well as database architecture.

Daniel Faronbi Daniel Faronbi
Media Engineer

Daniel is a student at the University of Nebraska Omaha studying Computer Engineering and Music Technology. Mr. Faronbi supports various audio visual aspects of the Boys Town National Research Hospital Technology Core. His ongoing education has provided him with knowledge of computer architecture, audio signal processing, and audio recording techniques.