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Children are naturally curious about the world. In this research study, we aim to feed that curiosity with fun, child-friendly science lessons delivered online. These language- rich, supportive lessons are meant for children who may have language delays or disorder.

The National Science Foundation is funding this research study because they want to make sure that children who face language challenges can still learn science as well as their peers. We are especially curious about whether learning language skills leads to better science learning.

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Does your child see a speech-language pathologist for help with language and communication?

If so, they may be eligible to participate in a research study of the effect of delivering language intervention in a virtual science classroom. We are looking for preschool and kindergarten children who speak English as their first language and have language delays or disorders. Children may not have a diagnosis of autism, hearing loss, or cognitive impairment. Note that this is a research program; it will not replace the time that your child spends with a speech-language pathologist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the study?

On-line! You can participate from any quiet room in your house. The study is being conducted by researchers at the University of Delaware and Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Who is eligible?

Children who:

What happens during the study?

We will meet with you to review paperwork related to the study, complete questionnaires about eligibility, and confirm your internet connection. Then we will meet with you and your child for 1-3 screening visits via Zoom to determine if your child fits the criteria for participating in the study. If children are eligible for the science program, we will ask if you wish to continue into the science lesson phase of the study and review the time commitment for that again. While we complete pretesting measures (1-3 visits), we will work with you to schedule a convenient time for group science lessons. Participating children will be seen by a speech-language pathologist licensed in Delaware in groups of 2-3 children, for two 30-minute lessons per week for six weeks. Your child will be randomly assigned to a language rich science lesson, a science lesson with extra vocabulary support, or a science lesson with extra grammar support. During the same six-week period, parents will log in five times per week to watch a brief science story with their children. Then, children complete 2 – 3 post-test visits so we can see what they have learned. Though many children can participate semi-independently, we find that it is helpful to have a caregiver present to support participation, particularly during the testing visits.

Children will be paid between $5-$115 for participating in the study, depending on how many visits they complete.

How can I learn more?

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