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February is Kids ENT Health Month!

As we enter the time of year when people typically focus on the heart, otolaryngologists ask you to remember the ear, nose and throat during Kids ENT Month! Boys Town physicians break down some common childhood ENT challenges and explain what to do if your child experiences one.

Ear Infections

Painful ear infections are likely to strike at least once during early years. Dr. Katherine Penny explains what ear infections are, how to treat them and how to prevent future infections.


No matter your situation, understanding why a nosebleed occurs and what to do when it happens can help ease the stress during the next occurrence. Dr. Heather Gomes addresses nosebleed concerns in this helpful article.

Strep Throat

It is often difficult for parents to tell the difference between a sore throat caused by a viral infection and streptococcus. However, knowing the difference is important, so Dr. Alexis Sawyer is here to help with tips for noticing and treating strep throat.