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Ear Lobe Surgery

​​Ear Lobe Repair

Ear lobe repair surgery is the only available option for repairing ears that have been damaged by earrings or an accident, or ears with elongated piercing tracts due to gauges. When ears are pierced, the risk of stretching, tearing and keloid scarring increases. Ear lobe repair serves to eliminate the damage with as minimal scarring as possible.

What the Procedure Involves

In order to ensure the ear lobe heals back together, healed skin is cut away on the inside of the torn lobe. Fresh skin edges are then sewn together. After around five days, sutures are removed.

It’s important to not get the ear re-pierced in or just above the scar, as the scar area is weaker than the surrounding skin and may be damaged again. Have your piercing done to the right or left of the scar.​