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Virtual visits to Delhi, India

​​​​Boys Town National Research Hospital has been virtually traveling to Delhi, I​ndia, offering distance learning and therapy to four-year old, Pryia Frank. Pryia has bilateral cochlear implants and attended Boys Town Hospital’s preschool program in the fall of 2011. She has been able to continue her participation in the program after her family moved from Omaha to India with the help of the distance technology.

“Boys Town has provided us with distance speech therapy as we are living in India,” said Carrie Frank, Pryia’s mother. “It has been vital to Priya's speech and language development with cochlear implants. We are so grateful for the support they offer us.”

The distancing technology has made it possible for Priya to continue her involvement in the preschool classroom, interacting and learning alongside her peers. Priya’s family also participates in speech-language-listening sessions with a speech-language pathologist at Boys Town Hospital.

“This provides peace of mind for us as her parents, that well qualified professionals are keeping track of her progress,” said Carrie. “It equips us to help Priya have successful outcomes in speech and language as she grows.”

Scheduling can get a bit tricky with a 10 ½ hour time difference, but Priya always joins the classroom or therapy lesson with enthusiasm and a love for learning.