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Helping Parents of Children with Hearing Loss

​​​Life as new parents is always challenging. Discovering that your new baby can’t hear can be overwhelming. Almost all babies born in the United States now receive a Universa​l Newborn Hearing Screening – a simple test given shortly after birth. Parents are learning sooner than ever if their baby has hearing loss.

In response to the information needs of these parents, Boys Town National Research Hospital offers My Baby’s Hearing, available on the World Wide Web at

My Baby’s Hearing explains the simple, painless hearing test a child is given shortly after birth – often before leaving the hospital – and the follow-up testing needed if hearing loss is indicated. The ability to test newborns is an important advancement in identifying children with hearing loss at the earliest possible time when speech and language skills are developing. These skills are the foundation for learning as a child grows.

My Baby’s Hearing offers answers to questions parents may have about hearing loss, the latest advances in hearing aid technology, resources available in their community, parenting tips, and insight from other parents of deaf or hard of hearing children.

The technology used for newborn hearing screening was developed in part by Boys Town National Research Hospital.