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 Spring Allergies


Spring Allergies

Nicki Nair, M.D., Allergist


The weather starts getting pleasant. People are opening their windows, freshening up their houses. There are people who are sleeping with their windows open, next morning they wake up and they don’t know why their eyes are mattered and swollen and they are sneezing, and I think basically it is just exposure.

There is a lot of spring mold. Spring thaw goes on. People are working outside. There is a lot of mold exposure. There are dead leaves there. There are grass clippings there. People get ready for their gardens. So I think they are exposed to mold right there. Mold is everywhere.

But soils, grasses, dead leaves all of these have mold on them.

A lot of them are complaining of itching and watering and tearing of the eyes. I see this quite often in spring when you have a lot of tree pollen out there. Tree season is normally fairly short except for the oak pollen, which goes on to pollinate until the month of May. Presently we are in April

So we still have a lot of maple pollen, the oak will start pollinating. Oak is a late pollinator. A lot of ash trees are blooming. In the early morning time is the highest pollen count, but then on a windy day that can be all day long because the pollen gets picked up and gets blown across you see. And Nebraska does not lack for wind you don’t have to be sitting next to a tree; it just comes through the air.

How can you limit your exposure?

Well it’s easy to tell someone not to go outside, but would I do it, I am not so sure. You tell them that listen you can expect some symptoms maybe put your eye drops in or take your nose spray and medications before you go out. Wear your sunglasses because that helps. Come home and wash yourself off shower even shampoo because hair collects a lot of pollen.

And try not to sleep with your windows open.

Spring season brings more than just pretty flowers and warm temperatures. For allergy sufferers it can be a season of misery. Dr. Nicki Nair​, Allergist with Boys Town National Research Hospital, explains how allergies are developed, the common signs and symptoms of allergies, the common allergens in the spring, and what you can do to treat them.​