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 Shoveling Snow


Shoveling Snow

Robert Schwab, M.D.
Internal Medicine


There are several bits of advice I give people who are going to go out and shovel snow this winter.

Remember, it's a very strenuous activity and it causes a lot of strain on the muscles including the heart muscle. I always tell people you want to make sure you warm, up don't just go out and start shoveling snow first thing in the morning.

Make sure you do short bursts of activity. You want to take frequent breaks and drink lots of water.

If you have any symptoms, such as chest pain or unusual shortness of breath, make sure you go in and call 911.

Shoveling snow can be very demanding on your body. Dr. Robert Schwab​, Internist with Boys Town Internal Medicine, gives advice on how to shovel snow safely this winter.​​​​