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 Research Participation


Research Participation

Sophie Ambrose, Ph.D.​
Director, Communication Development Laboratory

My name is Sophie Ambrose. I’m a scientist and director of the Communication Development Lab here at Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Since the hospital opened in 1977, it’s been internationally recognized as a leader in clinical and research programs, related to childhood deafness, vision impairment, and related communication disorders.

To achieve this goal, the hospital has assembled national leaders who are conducting exciting research in the areas of genetics, hearing loss, speech disorders, language and vision impairment.

You can see more about the exciting work they are doing in other videos. However the work that they are doing couldn’t be done without the important valuable contributions of families who participate in our research program.

We need children and adults of all ages with normal hearing and hearing loss to participate in our research. We encourage you to consider signing yourself and your family up to be in our research database. If you or someone in your family is a candidate for a study that we are doing, we will give you a call. Monetary compensation for your time is frequently provided.

Thank you for considering this valuable contribution. Together we can make sure that the research at Boys Town National Research Hospital continues to change the way the nation diagnoses, evaluates, treats and prevents hearing loss and related communication disorders thus improving the lives of individuals and families who have been impacted by these conditions.

​Boys Town National Research Hospital is internationally known as a leader in clinical and research programs focusing on childhood deafness, visual impairment and related communication disorders. Our researchers are able to make important discoveries and contributions because of the families that participate in our research programs. Boys Town National Research Hospital is seeking participants to help ​with a variety of research studies.

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