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 Newborn Expo & Car Seat Check


Newborn Expo & Car Seat Check

“Hey, its Molly from the Big Party Show, I am broadcasting live from Boy Town Pediatrics, 139th and Pacific streets. We are out here today; there is a completely free newborn expo. It’s going on from 11 to 2pm at Boys Town Pediatrics but the great people from the National Safety Council Nebraska are on hand to help install all those car seats for all those expecting parents.”

We go over all the features on the car seat. Go through the manual with them and kind of point out certain things that they really need to be aware of, especially as the child grows.

“You just want to double check that you’re not dangly and loose.”

Eight out of 10 are not installed correctly so this is a great opportunity to come out to just give you some piece of mind and learn everything about the seat.

Our car seat was not nearly as secure as we thought. It’s kind of scary to think that you’re driving around with your precious little one and that anything can happen to her. This is a huge amount of reassurance to know that things are done right now.

“Alright, perfect!”

Today, we’re having our newborn expo and what we’re trying to do is to get people out here to the Boys Town Pediatrics clinic, to tour the facility, to meet our doctors, engage with them so they can find the right pediatrician for them.

They’re going to be spending a lot of time with their pediatrician through the first year of their baby’s life and we really want to make it a very positive and rewarding experience for them.

We have a wonderful lineup of topics today for our new parents and expecting moms to be, to really help prepare the new parents for when they arrive.

I love events like this where I can get out big, important messages, like, we really want you to try breastfeeding your baby. We really want you to immunize your baby according to the schedule recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the CDC.

It’s great to have an opportunity to speak with parents on those issues.

“Your child should always go back to sleep, always on their back.”

I think an event like this is so important before you have that child because; you’re in the hospital when you first deliver, you have nurses there, but you know what, the scariest thing in the world happens. You get sent home and it’s all you.

The Boys Town Pediatric Newborn Expo provides new and expecting parents with the opportunity to meet and interview several Boys Town pediatricians, tour the pediatric clinic and get information on what to expect before the baby arrives. Certified technicians from the National Safety Council Nebraska are also onsite to assist with car seat installation. Parents walk away feeling prepared and ready for their new arrival.