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 Memorial Day Run 2015


This event is really important from a different couple perspectives.

One is, we’re helping families stay healthy. Exercise, eat right, do the right things, start young and live your whole life that way.

That’s all part of Boys Town Pediatrics and that’s Boys Town’s mission.

“Come on Sam, you can do it!”

We want to change the way America cares for kids and especially for the deaf and hard of hearing.

All of the research, all of the care we give through the Lied Learning and Technology Center, all of that is represented here and these families are here to support that.

“Good finish young lady!”

My son, Ryan, he’s four years old.

He was born with mild to moderate hearing loss and we found out when he was born at the newborn screening. Soon after that we received hearing aids for him and then soon after that we received parent-infant care from one of the teachers at Boys Town.

He’s doing great. He’s a normal four year old, rambunctious boy.

He probably wouldn’t be where he is if it wasn’t for Boys Town and everything that they provided.

My son Wesley, he actually passed his newborn screen. We noticed his speech pronunciation was kind of lagging.

One of our friends suggested that we go and get a hearing screening done on him.

He was actually moderate to severe in the higher frequencies.

They suggested that he go with hearing aids. It’s helped him with his speech a lot.

He’s making strides that we never thought he would have.

Before he was diagnosed, hardly anybody outside of our family could understand a word he was saying, and now everyone can understand what he’s saying.

It’s totally changed his life, it’s changed our life.


The kids always seem to like to see a pirate and I thought it would add some more fun to the day. I hand out some stickers, some tattoos, and some gold coins.

The little ones seem to be enjoying it.

Some of the proceeds from the run today do end up coming to our cochlear implant clinic, where we help children who are deaf and hard of hearing.

Naturally this is something I enjoy helping with every year and providing information when I can.

It’s a wonderful cause and it really helps us out.

“How about a higher five?”

Every kid loves Batman and I love seeing the kids that are involved in the preschool program.

“Hi bud, how are you?”

Being an employee of Boys Town National Research Hospital is such a rewarding job.

We get to see miracles happen every day and just to be a part of that; I wouldn’t trade this job for anything in the world.

Really it’s the sponsors of the races and the donors that help us, not just on this day, but throughout the year, to make life-changing medical care possible for kids at our hospital.

We could not do our mission without the help of the community.

These people here are very important to the mission of Boys Town.

When we see those families here and the kids that have received help from our Center for Childhood Deafness, it’s what it’s all about.

We know that we’re here because of those kids.

The Boys Town National Research Hospital Memorial Day Run benefits the Lied Learning and Technology Center for Childhood Deafness and Vision Disorders.

Our goal is to improve the lives of children who are deaf and hard of hearing or have other communication disorders through early identification, education, state-of-the-art rehabilitation, rigorous research and family support. Your race entry fee to the Memorial Day Run will support our efforts and make a great difference for children and their families who look to us for help and hope.​​