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 Losing Weight


Losing Weight

Carrie Hoarty, M.D.
Internal Medicine


For my patients who I want to partner with to lose weight, I usually recommend, maximize vegetables, lean meats, water, water, water.

Minimize simple carbohydrates, such as, potatoes, pastas, rices and breads. Avoid fast food and try to minimize or avoid soda altogether.

Plan your meals ahead of time. To work, bring with you a bag of carrots or cauliflower, apples to dip in peanut butter, yogurts, cheeses, nuts.

Make sure that you have healthy options.

Losing weight and eating a healthy diet is easier said than done. Dr. Carrie Hoarty​, Internist with Boys Town Internal Medicine, explains what foods to maximize and minimize in order to lose weight and why planning your meals ahead of time can help you meet your weight loss goals.