Healthy Kids Carnival



2014 Healthy Kids Carnival

“Thanks again for coming out to the 2014 Healthy Kids Carnival!”

What is so great about this event is we want to help kids learn how to be healthy at a young age. Learn how to have fun; exercising, how to eat well, and how to make sure that you stay healthy.

It starts very early where they form their eating habits and their exercise habits. If we can get them out playing rather than sitting in front of the TV and playing video games, it’s much more beneficial for them. It turns into their lifestyle.

Well, this is the first time I’ve been here. I’m new to the clinic here at Boys Town. This is such a cool thing to really promote kids being healthy and eating right. I love being a part of something really cool and big, and seeing people happy and enjoying themselves.

“Give me five, that’s awesome!”

People need to know, hey, its fun to get out and do activities. You’re going to be healthier, you’re going to be happier and you’re going to feel better.

“Good job!”

We’re Asthma & Allergy but it’s always important to be able to get out and have fun.

We’re having them hula-hoop, which is awesome to see little ones and Mom and Dads’ hula-hooping also.

Dr. Sheehan gave it a try which is fun to see, everybody interacting with each other.

“I have no comment about hula-hooping!”

We’re giving away slap bracelets today to the kids.

We’re out here telling everyone about all of the ENT clinics we have at Boys Town, including the one out West, downtown, and over in Council Bluffs, which is where I primarily work.

This is my first year coming out. It’s a great experience for all the kids and families. We’re having fun!

We’re new to Omaha and we haven’t had the chance to come out. We wanted to come out and see what Boys Town medical had to offer.

The services are great and they also provide a wide variety of services for children and a lot of information.

The Healthy Kids Carnival offers children and families nutrition information and healthy tips, along with an afternoon of fitness activities and giveaways.