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 Child Life Specialists


Child Life Specialists


At Boys Town National Research Hospital, we take child’s play seriously. Play facilitates healing, coping and self-expression, and it is vital to a child’s optimal growth and development.

“Hi Samantha. My name is Natalie…”

During your child’s stay at Boys Town National Research Hospital, you will greeted by a Child Life Specialist—a medical professional who explains medical procedures through therapeutic play and recreational activities to help your child understand and cope with the surgery or procedure.

During medical play, children use real medical equipment on dolls to gain a better understanding about their procedure.

We understand that your child may be scared and nervous before coming to the hospital.

“Hi Gabby. My name is Jeff. Do you want to take a ride around the hospital?”

To help ease some of these anxieties, families can arrange for a hospital guided tour with one of our child life specialists and visit the surgery center, recovery room and patient room before their child’s surgery date.

By exploring the hospital’s environment through a child’s eyes, we can create a less stressful experience for both the patient and their family.

Being in a hospital can be very stressful for a child. Our child life specialists can ease your child's concerns when visiting our facility or in preparation for a surgery​