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 Beeping Easter Egg Hunt


Beeping Easter Egg Hunt


“Beep, beep”

“Right there!”

“Good job!”

Today is our ninth annual Beeping Easter Egg Hunt hosted by Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Children with visual impairments do not always have the same access to activities that other families may take for granted. We offer the egg hunt to families so they can have the children with the vision loss hunt alongside their siblings.

“Beep, beep, beeping.”

“Good job, want to give it to me?”

Once the children hear the egg they trade that for a prize of some sort.

We have books for each of the kids. We have stuffed animals and there is all kinds of candy.

It’s a chance for families to be together.

“Beep, beep, beep!”

I brought my Dad, my Mom, and my two sisters.

Even though you can’t see you can still do it.

If they go out to a real Easter egg hunt, we’re kind of leading them. Here, they kind of do it on their own.

It’s a lot about independence and being able to do things that Molly couldn’t usually do by herself.

We just have a great time.

This year we have 27 families who have preregistered with 56 children.

It’s a great time for families. It’s great for the children. You’ll see smiles on their faces. I’m tremendously pleased that Boys Town National Research Hospital is able to sponsor this event.

“There you go. Thanks!”

“Happy Easter!”

This annual event offers an accessible Easter egg hunt for children with visual impairments and their siblings. Children search for eggs by listening for a beeping sound. Children receive braille or large print books, stuffed animals, prizes, treats, refreshments and photos with the Easter bunny. ​​