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 Allergy Shots


Allergy Shots

Nicki Nair, M.D., Allergist


I think if you’ve tried all the medications and you’re not responding or if it affects your quality of life to an extent that you’re really not getting much of it, and you want to continue to do your activities, and then I think allergy shots are an option. Basically what it is its injections that are administered on a weekly basis which contain the antigens you’re allergic to.

You start off on a small dose. You increase the dose based on the reaction that the patient gets.

It’s a slow process. It’s not instantaneous, so you have to have the patience and the commitment to stick with it, but it’s very effective.

Finding an effective allergy treatment can be very frustrating for allergy sufferers. Dr. Nicki Nair​, Allergist, with Boys Town National Research Hospital, explains how allergy shots work and if they may be the answer you've been looking for.​​