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Pediatric Thyroid Cancer Surgery – Lexi’s Story

​​When Lexi’s mom noticed a couple unusual bumps on her daughter’s neck, she reached out to Lexi’s primary care provider and ended up with a referral to a surgeon: Dr. Shahab Abdessalam at Boys Town National Research Hospital.​ It was here that they received difficult news: cancer.

During Lexi's initial surgery, two lymph nodes were removed and sent in for a biopsy that came back positive – confirming the presence of thyroid cancer. After a second surgery and radiation treatments, Lexi and her family got the news that they had been praying for and Lexi was officially deemed a cancer survivor.

Lexi is strong, determined and cancer-free thanks to Dr. Abdessalam and the multi-disciplinary team of experts at Boys Town. Watch her story here.​

Pediatric Thyroid Cancer: Lexi’s Story​


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