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Lied Learning and Technology Center

The Lied Learning and Technology Center for Childhood Deafness and Vision Disorders Center is equipped with state-of-the-art research laboratories, educational facilities and rehabilitative services for children with hearing loss, visual impairment and other communication disorders. The Center utilizes the most advanced technology and distance conferencing solutions to offer the most comprehensive programs and services for patients, families, educators and clinicians.

Programs and services at The Lied Learning and Technology Center:

Cochlear Implant Clinic and Research Center - Children as young as 12 months are receiving cochlear implants and challenging researchers and clinicians to develop rehabilitation strategies to help these children receive the maximum benefit from their implants.

Model Early Childhood Education Facility - Childhood interventionists learn the latest techniques for working with parents, infants and young children.

Educational Media Production Facility - Videos, DVDs and innovative uses of the World Wide Web produced in this facility support parents and professionals in helping children with hearing and vision disorders.

Conferencing & Meeting Solutions - The Lied Learning Technology Center offers conferencing and meeting solutions for organizations of all types and sizes that require the ability to share information by web, video or audio conferencing.

Distance Learning and Family Outreach Center - The Center brings education and training to parents and professionals who live in rural or underserved areas.

Hearing Rehabilitation Laboratories - Groundbreaking research underway in these laboratories is leading to advancements in treatment and technology.

Center for Childhood Deafness - The Center offers deaf and hard of hearing children and their families a wealth of services ranging from parent-infant services, pre-school programs, sign language classes and counseling, to printed materials and videos.

Vision Program - The Vision Program identifies and addresses the unmet needs of children in the community who are blind and visually impaired with workshops, conferences, events and support services.

The Lied Learning and Technology Center at
Boys Town National Research Hospital
425 North 30th Street
Omaha, NE 68131
(531) 355-5000