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Support Groups & Clubs

Association of Late-Deafened Adults (ALDA)

ALD is a support network for post-lingually (after language development) deafened adults. ALDA works collaboratively with various organizations around the world that serve the needs of late-deafened adults. The ALDA website ( contains information regarding membership, chapters, and the ALDA annual conference.

Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Loss (AMPHL)

This is a non-profit organization founded in 2000 that aims “to provide information, promote advocacy and mentorship, and create a network for individuals with hearing losses interested in or working in health care fields”. The AMPHL website contains information on academic and professional issues, a list of articles and books, as well as on-line forums and a chat room. For more information, visit:

Connect to Mentor (CTM)

Connect with a cochlear implant recipient or parent who can assist you in navigating the process of choosing and living with cochlear implants. Read the stories and profiles of many CI recipients who volunteer as personal mentors and select one or more mentors who you feel might best understand your own experience and then start a conversation with them. Visit for more information.

Hearing Journey

Cochlear implant candidates, recipients and their families, and related support professionals share, learn, and support one another in the largest online community for cochlear implant users. This community is a wealth of information! For more information, visit

Hearing Loss Association of America (HLAA)

HLAA is the United States’ largest organization for individuals with hearing loss. Their web site features articles on coming to terms with hearing loss late in life, hearing loss fact sheets, information about coping with hearing loss in the work environment, and finding a support group within your area. The links page provides numerous links in the areas of Captioning Resources, Education/Children with Hearing Loss, Employment, Hearing Aids and Cochlear Implants, Medicine/Research/Audiology, and an extensive list of other resources on the web. For more information, visit

Lions Club

Lions Club International is the world’s largest volunteer organization with over one million members in 193 countries around the world. With the motto, “We Serve”, Lions Club is dedicated to building a brighter future for the global community. Programs include hearing awareness and hearing loss support programs. For example, various chapters in the United States and around the world have donated assistive listening devices, conducted hearing screenings, and provided scholarships to deaf/hard-of-hearing students. For more information, visit the organization website at:

Sertoma Club

The Sertoma Club is an international non-profit organization dedicated to serving people with speech, language, and hearing disorders. There are over 20,000 members in nearly 700 clubs across Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States. Every year Sertoma clubs raise more than $20 million for local community service projects. Grants and scholarships are also available through this organization. For more information, visit

Thursday night chat

Chat live with other cochlear implant candidates and recipients every Thursday evening. Chats begin at 8:00 p.m. Visit for more information. Once on the Hearing Journey page, click on the chat button.