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Making the Decision – Adults

​​​​​For many adults with significant hearing loss, hearing aids may not provide adequate benefit. They may find understanding speech to be extremely difficult, even in a quiet room or within a small group. Adults with moderate to profound hearing loss who do not benefit from appropriately fit hearing devices may benefit from a cochlear implant.

Each potential recipient has a unique background and set of circumstances that can impact his or her potential to benefit with the device, such as duration and causeof deafness, length of hearing aid use or other amplification, and individual motivation.

If you would like more information on cochlear implants for yourself or a loved one, please contact us.  Active participation in this process is critical to making an informed decision that can have lasting benefits for you and your family.

Adult Cochlear Implants

Elly’s Story

Cochlear implants are one of the most effective ways to provide better hearing for someone with significant sensorineural hearing loss. Watch Elly's life-changing journey as she receives a cochlear implant at Boys Town National Research Hospital.


​​Cochlear Implants for High Frequency Hearing Loss

Adults with severe to profound hearing loss that is primarily in the high frequencies may benefit from a newer type of implant called a hybrid cochlear implant. This device is designed for listeners who have milder hearing loss or even normal hearing in the low frequencies.​​​