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Maximizing Outcomes

​Cochlear implant recipients can be expected to make early and continued progress with their device. How rapidly progress occurs is dependent upon a number of factors that exist prior to the time of implantation. These factors include:

  • Age of implantation
  • Duration of deafness (before or after acquisition of speech)
  • Previous exposure to amplification (e.g., hearing aid use)
  • Established speech and language abilities
  • Presence of other learning difficulties
  • Cognitive skills
  • Etiology of hearing loss

It can be helpful to think of the cochlear implant as a “sound messenger”, with the purpose of delivering auditory signals to the brain. The recipient’s ability to incorporate this signal into a meaningful message varies on an individual basis. Some factors that can impact an individual’s performance or benefit become more influential post-implantation. Such factors include:

  • Consistent device use
  • Regular processor programming and device maintenance
  • Availability and quality of support services and/or aural rehabilitation program
  • Expectations of the individual and those who interact with them