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Cochlear Implant Activation

The cochlear implant activation day is much anticipated for our cochlear implant recipients, their family, and friends. This is the day when the audiologist t​urns on and programs or “maps” the cochlear implant, allowing the recipient to hear sound for the first time.

Each map is created specifically for the individual to ensure that soft sounds are audible, and that loud sounds are loud but never uncomfortable. Once the speech processor programs have been created, the processor microphone is activated so that the recipient will hear speech through the implant for the first time. The audiologists will adjust the levels to enhance the quality of the sound derived from the cochlear implant.

To help make this day even more special, Boys Town National Research Hospital can provide cochlear implant activation web casting at the family’s request. Family, friends, educators, and other care providers who are not able to attend the programming session may view the activation through a secure web site. Families who are interested in this option can contact their audiologist to coordinate a web casting session.