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Merry Spratford, Au.D., CCC-A

Merry Spratford

Staff Research Audiologist


  • B.A., Linguistics and Spanish, Indiana University, 2004
  • M.A., Audiology, Indiana University, 2006
  • Au.D., Indiana University, 2008

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Auditory Society
  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Areas of Expertise/Interests:

  • McCreery, R.; Ito, R.; Spratford, M.; Lewis, D.; Hoover, B.; Stelmachowicz, P.
    (Pre-publication). Performance-Intensity Functions for Normal-Hearing Adults
    and Children Using Computer-Aided Speech Perception Assessment.
    Ear & Hearing.
  • Spratford, M.; Ito, R.; Lewis, D.; Stelmachowicz, P. (2008). Multi-Talker Speech Perception for Children With and Without Hearing Loss. Poster presented at the 2008 American Auditory Society Conference, Scottsdale, AZ, in March.
  • Pediatric amplification, early intervention, hearing loss

Representative Publications:

Holte, L., Walker, E. A., Oleson, J., Spratford, M., Moeller, M. P., Roush, P. A., Tomblin, J. B., & Ou, H. (2012). Factors influencing follow-up to Newborn Hearing Screening for infants who are hard-of-hearing. American Journal of Audiology, 21, 163-174. [Journal Editor’s Award]

Walker, E. A., Spratford, M., Moeller, M. P., Oleson, J., Ou, H., Roush, P. A., & Jacobs, S. (2013). Predictors of hearing aid use in children with hearing loss. Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 44, 73-88.

Harrison, M., Page, T. A., Oleson, J., Spratford, M., Berry, L. U., Peterson, B., ... & Moeller, M. P. (2015). Factors Affecting Early Services for Children Who Are Hard of Hearing. Language, speech, and hearing services in schools, 1-15.

Walker, E. A., Holte, L., McCreery, R. W., Spratford, M., Page, T., & Moeller, M. P. (2015). The influence of hearing aid use on outcomes of children with mild hearing loss. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 58(5), 1611-1625.

McCreery, R. W., Walker, E. A., Spratford, M., Bentler, R., Holte, L., Roush, P., Oleson, J., Van Buren, J., & Moeller, M. P. (2015). Longitudinal predictors of aided speech audibility in infants and children. Ear and hearing, 36, 24S-37S.