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Leadership Study Group

An Invitation To Join a Leadership Study Group

Boys Town National Research Hospital & InPurpose Consulting

Boys Town National Research Hospital & InPurpose Consulting invite professionals in education, management or leadership positions, as well as those who are interested in creating strong supportive work environments, to join a conversation focused on understanding the factors contributing to employee engagement. This Leadership Study Group will consist of 5 sessions directed at exploring 49 leadership principles presented in Martha Finney’s work, Getting The Best From People: Get Rid of the Carrot and the Stick.

The Truth and Nothing But The Truth:

You CAN build and lead teams full of self-motivated, innovative contributors.

This study group will explore 49 bite-size leadership truths and easy-to-use management strategies.

  • The truth about building a workplace that’s positive, committed, passionate
  • The truth about what really motivates people - and what doesn’t
  • The truth about leading with authenticity, clarity, consistency and inspiration


Ann Luther, Ed.D. has focused her career in the fi eld of education as teacher, counselor and guidance administrator. As a university professor and member of various boards and organizations, Dr. Luther brings a strategic and process approach to education and other not-for-profi t organizations. Ann brings expertise in student engagement and school climate, and creating practices that drive to sustain results and success in safe and secure learning and working environments.

Pam Marshall has achieved success in Fortune 100 organizations in executive roles for Quality and Measurement, Training and Professional Development, Client Services and more. She has managed teams and during her seven years as an independent process consultant has worked with organizations to develop and sustain shared leadership teams. Additionally, Pam co-owns and operates a retail business and recognizes the challenges of the marketplace.

Catherine Cronin Carotta, Ed.D. is the Associate Director of the Center for Childhood Deafness at Boys Town National Research Hospital’s Lied Learning and Technology Center. With a strong interest in leadership education, she has actively worked to create learning organizations using current leadership models. Dr. Carotta is the creator and facilitator of a renewal model entitled, The Work of Your Life and co-author of the book, Sustaining the Spirit to Teach, Lead, Serve.


Lied Learning and Technology Center
425 North 30th Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68131


10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


To be announced

Registration Deadline:

Registration Closed


Chris Grassmeyer at (531) 355-5039