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Educational Interpreter Performance (EIPA) Summer Skills Workshop

The Leadership Center - Aurora, NE

The 2011 Educational Interpreters Summer Skills Workshop will again be offering two separate training strands. One strand will focus on enhancing interpreting skills and the second strand is for individuals wanting to increase skills in American Sign Language. The Nebraska Department of Education-Special Populations has funded this program. It is offered to you through the collaborative efforts of the Nebraska Regional Programs for Students Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing and Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Interpreting Skills Development Strand

The Interpreting Skills Development strand is designed for individuals who are currently working as interpreters in the K-12 setting. Participants will:

  • develop a better understanding of educational goals in specific content areas related to Nebraska educational
  • standards – emphasis will be on science, social studies, math and the arts
  • enhance sign language skills necessary to interpret in the sciences, math, arts and social studies – individuals
  • will work in groups and develop a lesson to present to peers in sign language
  • improve sign language skills in the use of spatial techniques, classifiers, verb agreement, prepositions
  • improve sign language skills in the use of the body to convey affect, grammar, non-manual information
  • and to represent constructed action/dialogue
  • have an opportunity to practice producing interpretations maintaining the speaker’s intent and
  • incorporating newly acquired skills

Sign Language Development Strand

Participants choosing the Sign Language Development strand will acquire ASL by participating in a language immersion class experience. This class is designed for individuals that have had some previous exposure to sign language. The sessions will be facilitated by fluent, native signers of ASL. The goal of this workshop is to immerse participants in a sign language rich environment, so all content, discussions and interactions will be conducted in sign language. Facilitators will use a variety of mediums besides sign language to convey the content and to facilitate comprehension. This class is designed for individuals who have taken at least two sign language courses or individuals seeking to enhance their ASL expressive and receptive skills. (Minimum number of participants required.)