Cochlear Implants:
From Concept to Classroom


Cochlear Implants: From Concept to Classroom is a four-part, introductory-to-intermediate educational DVD set for early education specialists, teachers, speech-language pathologists and educational audiologists, to gain a better understanding of cochlear implants and how to ensure best outcomes for students using this innovative hearing technology.

The DVD set provides an expansive overview of cochlear implants, including:

  • Basic science of cochlear implants
  • Components of the implant system
  • Candidacy evaluation process
  • Speech processor programming
  • Therapy techniques
  • Expected outcomes and follow-up assessment
  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Classroom and educational considerations

DVD 1 – Conceptual Background

  • Basic science of cochlear implants
  • Pediatric cochlear implants
  • Components and function of cochlear implants

DVD 2 – Candidacy and Expectation for Outcomes

  • Candidacy criteria
  • Preoperative factors impacting outcomes
  • Post-operative factors impacting outcomes
  • Non-traditional candidates

DVD 3 – Programming and Language/Listening Sessions

  • Programming concepts
  • Speech perception testing and guidelines
  • Designing speech and language and listening sessions
  • Auditory Learning Strategies

DVD 4 – In the Home/Classroom Therapy Session

  • Assessment and Progress Monitoring
  • Auditory-Based Intervention
  • Classroom Acoustics and Assistive Technologies
  • Home and Classroom Considerations

Cochlear Implants: From Concept to Classroom DVD Set

  • Single Agency License - $3,500
  • Multi-Agency or State License - $5,500

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