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Treatment Team

Each child’s treatment plan is developed by a team of highly educated and experienced individuals. We encourage parents, guardians, siblings and other family members to be involved in the child’s treatment and continuum of care plan.

  • Family members/legal guardians – Valuable team members whose partnership and cooperation is vital to the success of your child’s treatment
  • Medical Director – a Board Certified Child Psychiatrist who is responsible for diagnosing, determining medication and providing ongoing assessment and treatment of your child
  • Program Director – a Licensed Mental Health Professional with experience in the Boys Town Psycho-Educational Treatment Model who is responsible for overall care and treatment of the children
  • Clinical Therapist – a Licensed Mental Health Professional who is responsible for developing and assessing your child’s treatment through individual and family therapy (Some of our therapists are licensed both as mental health professionals and drug and alcohol counselors.)
  • Registered Nurses – Licensed nurses who work closely with clinical and program staff members to ensure medical needs of youth are addressed
  • Educational Therapists – Teachers licensed by the state of Nebraska with advanced training in special education and behavioral disorders
  • Recreational Therapists – Therapists with specialized training in recreational and creative activities
  • Program Coordinators – Trained individuals who oversee the day-to-day activities of each child
  • Behavioral Health Technicians – Trained staff who work directly with children using PEM

In addition to education and field experience, all direct care staff are required to complete an extensive, comprehensive two-week specialized training program, and an additional week of shadowing prior to working with our children. Staff are required to complete annual trainings and encouraged to pursue continuing education.