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Ensure Sounds for a Lifetime with Summer Hearing Protection

Boys Town National Research Hospital logo​Contact: Yoyo Ma
Specialist, Marketing and Communications

June 13, 2016
For Immediate Release

Ensure Sounds for a Lifetime with Summer Hearing Protection

OMAHA, NEB. – One in 10 Americans experiences hearing loss that affects his or her ability to understand normal speech. The good news is noise induced hearing loss is preventable. Boys Town Ear, Nose and Throat Institute suggests precautions against harmful and excessive noises to help ensure you and your family hear sounds for a lifetime.

Summer Hearing Tips

  • Volume, Time and Location. As sound gets louder, listening time should be reduced. Avoid listening to devices at full volume and take frequent breaks. If possible, choose outdoor venues versus indoor venues.
  • Protect Ears. Bring disposable foam ear plugs or ear muffs in a backpack or handbag. Amplified ear muffs can enhance vital communication through safe amplified levels. Cover your ears with your hands or item of clothing to help block sudden noises when preventative measures are not within immediate reach. Custom hearing protection may be more beneficial to use for a long period of time.
  • Activities. Hearing protection should be worn when exposed to noisy environments and when working in areas with excessive noise levels. The immense loud pressure level of impact noises such as fireworks and gunfire can cause immediate physical damage to unprotected ears. Sit farther away from where the noises occur.
  • Swimmer’s Ear. If water is stuck from a recent shower or swim, drain the area by turning the side of the head down and gently pulling the earlobe in different directions. Ear plugs made specifically for swimming are available.
  • Plane Travel. Alleviate congestion by moving areas of the face. Move the mouth in up and down motions, chew gum, yawn or try swallowing while the nose is pinched closed to help equalize the pressure.

When to Seek a Physician

“If you or any family members experience pain, ringing or buzzing in the ears, decreased hearing or are having difficulty understanding speech after exposure to loud summer activities, you may consider having your hearing tested,” said Nathan Williams, Au.D., CCC-A, Audiologist. “With children especially, the sound pressure generated in the ears is greater compared to an adult. Providing hearing protection, especially at a young age, helps to ensure optimal hearing as your child grows.”



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