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Boys Town National Research Hospital Nurse of the Year Nominees

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Contact: Brooke Wittrock​
Manager, Marketing and Communications

Dec. 15, 2014

Boys Town National Research Hospital Nurse of the Year Nominees

On Nov. 6, March of Dimes hosted the 2014 Nurse of the Year Awards Gala. Nurses from all around Nebraska were nominated and invited to be recognized for excellence in their career, and five of these nurses were from Boys Town National Research Hospital.

Congratulations to all, and thank you for the care and respect that you show your patients and colleagues. Boys Town National Research Hospital is proud to have such positive representatives!

Mallory Auch – Clinic Nurse, ENT Clinic

Mallory was nominated for her kindness and dependability. Her calm and knowledgeable demeanor allows her to build strong relationships with everyone she meets. With strong dedication to her career and patients, she has progressed at an impressive rate, already becoming an expert in care for patients with cochlear implants over the course of her relatively short tenure. Whether it’s working late or taking care of vaccinations or documentation, Mallory’s coworkers know that they can count on her and consistently praise her for her outstanding and unfaltering work ethic.

Melissa Howard – RN, Allergy Clinic

Melissa was nominated for her desire to improve herself and her career field. All who meet her can see that she has a thirst for knowledge, which she uses to pursue more advanced solutions in nursing. Even as she pursues higher education, Melissa takes on extra work when the opportunity arises and serves on the Boys Town Clinic Nursing Council, a position she was elected to after being at Boys Town Hospital for only a short time. In Melissa’s letter of nomination, Jodi Dinan, nurse coordinator, wrote, “There are certain people in the world who you just know are going to accomplish great things, and Melissa is one of those people.”

Candie Jacobs – Pediatric Nurse Coordinator, Pediatric Neurology Clinic

Candie was nominated for her commitment to go above and beyond. Not only does Candie attend educational programs covering neurology topics to build on her abilities to help patients, she also volunteers her time as an EMT/Firefighter for the Yutan Fire & Rescue Department and a medical staff member at the Epilepsy Foundation’s “Camp You Can.” Described in her nomination letter as friendly and approachable, Candie helps put patients at ease with her caring heart and exceptional knowledge in her field.

Joyce Lemke – Pediatric Nurse, Inpatient Unit

Joyce was nominated for her joyful and selfless attitude. Over the past 31 years in the nursing field, Joyce has earned the trust of both patients and physicians alike thanks to her heart for her job. Honors bestowed by her patients include a wedding invitation (years after the patient’s hospitalization), a birthday invitation and receiving a namesake in the form of a patient’s stuffed animal. Even in a time of medical difficulty, Joyce remained positive and only spoke of how the experience improved her ability to relate to children experiencing the same thing.

Ginger Waltermire – Charge Nurse, Inpatient Unit

Ginger was nominated for her ability to make Boys Town Hospital a home away from home for both patients and staff using her organizational and relational skills. She was a key contributor in the establishment of the Boys Town National Research Hospital Inpatient Unit, and with 29 years of pediatric nursing experience, there is no situation that Ginger cannot organize with a positive attitude and a smile on her face. But to Ginger, Boys Town Hospital isn’t just a place of work, she makes it a home by making patients feel comfortable (even in the midst of a tornado warning!) and inviting all staff members working with her on the weekends to join her for a home-cooked meal.


Boys Town National Research Hospital is internationally recognized as a leader in clinical and research programs focusing on childhood deafness, visual impairment and related communication disorders. Located in Omaha, Nebraska, Boys Town Hospital has developed national medical programs that are now instituted in hospitals and clinics across the country.